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AROY-D 天然純椰奶 1000ml

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AROY-D 天然純椰奶 Coconut Milk 

• 純正天然、香味濃厚
• 無添加香料,不含防腐劑及乳化劑
• 用途廣泛,適用於中、日、星、印、泰等各類料理,亦適合製作蛋糕、麵包

• Pure and natural 
• No added fragrance, no preservatives and emulsifiers
• Wide range of uses, suitable for Chinese, Japanese, star, Indian, Thai and other cuisines, and also suitable for making cakes and breads

成分:椰子萃取 70%,水
Ingredient :  Coconut Extract 70%, Water

Country of origin : Thailand