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137 Degrees 雙重比利時朱古力開心果奶 1000ml

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137 Degrees 雙重比利時朱古力開心果奶 Pistachio Milk Belgian Chocolate  1000ml

• 由非基因改造開心果與腰果混合製成,適合對牛奶 / 豆奶敏感的人士
• 選用上等比利時黑朱古力
• 低卡路里
• 不含乳製品,大豆和麩質
• 不含蔗糖,角叉菜膠,防腐劑或化學物質

Made from a mixture of non-genetically modified pistachios and cashews, suitable for people who are sensitive to milk/soy milk
• Choose the best Belgian black chocolate
• Low calories
• Does not contain dairy products, soy and gluten
• Does not contain sucrose, carrageenan, preservatives or chemicals

成分:開心果奶(過濾水 46%,原粒開心果 14%),腰果奶(過濾水 23%,腰果 13%),比利時可可 2%,有機椰子花蜜 2%
Pistachio Milk (Filtered water 46%, Whole pistachios (tree nut) 14%), Cashew Milk (Filtered water 23%, Whole cashews 13%), Cocoa (from Belgium) 2%, Organic coconut flower nectar 2%

Country of origin : Thailand