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旺角四口自取-137 Degrees 杏仁奶拿鐵咖啡 180ml

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137 Degrees|杏仁奶拿鐵咖啡 Almond Milk Coffee Latte

• 源自美國加州原粒杏仁
• 低卡路里,零反式脂肪及膽固醇
• 富含維生素B
• 不含蔗糖、防腐劑或化學物質
• 不含乳製品,大豆和麩質

• Whole almonds from California, USA
• Low calorie, zero trans fat and cholesterol
• Rich in vitamin B
• Does not contain sucrose, preservatives or chemicals
• Does not contain dairy products, soy and gluten

成分:新鮮杏仁奶(過濾水 62%,美國加州原粒杏仁 13%),濃縮咖啡 20%,有機椰子花蜜 5%
Ingredients : Fresh Almond Milk (Filtered water 62%, Whole almonds (tree nut)(from California) 13%), Expresso shot 20%, Organic coconut flower nectar 5%

Country of origin : Thailand